A bag. A sculpture. A jewel.
A work of art. A magic chest.

Libertine and fearless by nature.
MITE MITE celebrates art, woman empowerment and craftsmanship.
Inspired by the unconventional, architecture and femininity.

is a metaphor for the constant transformation from darkness into light.

When I started MITE MITE I created it as a getaway.
After being a mum my whole world tumbled down.
I felt I had no air.
Creating handbags in my spare time gave me my power back.
Creativity was the way home.
Sometimes you have to die inside to start again.
So I understood that at the end, my children
were my ticket to my new better life.

Embrace your fears and they will become light.

So never forget to dream.
get up and go after them,
time is fleetingness.

Anna Martí Represa, Founder and Creative Director.